Coarse Aeriation Solution for Aerobic Process technologies from H+E


Energy efficient maintenance-free aeration with the utmost aeration possible

Energy-efficient. Maintenance-free. Self-cleaning.

AEROFIT®.V is one of four processes for aeration of waste water within the portfolio of HAGER + ELSÄSSER. Each process has been developed for specific areas of application, each with their own typical characteristics and requirements. For AEROFIT®.V, these are mainly for pulp and paper production, the oil and gas industry, and food and beverage production.

AEROFIT®.V is a medium-size bubble aeration system. It is characterised by particularly high oxygen transfer efficiency, long service life and a wide control range, whilst maintaining a consistently high level of efficiency. Thus, AEROFIT®.V offers decisive advantages over membrane aeration. AEROFIT®.V can be used for surface aeration as well as in spiral flow, whilst at the same time being highly resistant to the effects of precipitation and blockages. Thus, AEROFIT®.V is not only suitable for challenging applications in moving bed systems and MBRs, but also for decalcification reactors.

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