Biolfiltration solutions from H+E


Biolfiltration solutions from H+E

A versatile biological alternative

From semiconductor manufacture to the petrochemical industry, a wide variety of industrial sectors require the most efficient methods for the purification of low to moderately loaded wastewaters. The separation of solids is required, as is the elimination of carbon or nutrients.

Due to its extraordinary adaptability in all kinds of applications, BIOFIT.F provides a truly versatile alternative to the traditional activated sludge process. Following the initial separation of solids, it handles the complete aerobic biological waste water treatment process prior to discharge into the receiving water course. BIOFIT.F uses the parallel flow principle of liquid and vapour phase in a procedurally and operationally superior manner.

Process components BIOFIT®.F

Flowsheet BIOFIT.F
Flowsheet BIOFIT.F

The heart of a BIOFIT®.F system is an up-flow biological filter containing three treatment phases for the various harmful substances in the wastewater stream.

The solid phase is a biofilm growing on top of a special grainy filter material. In this biofilm, dissolved substances in the waste water are degraded, whilst suspended particles are adsorbed at the same time. The lifetime of the filter material can reach twenty years or more if the plant is competently operated.

The liquid phase is the waste water, which circulates around the filter material, flowing from bottom to top.

The gaseous phase is the process air, which also circulates around the filter material, from bottom to top, and supplies the biofilm with oxygen.

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