Aerobic Process Technologies from H+E


Aerobic Process Technologies from H+E

H+E has established an excellent reputation with its aerobic processes for wastewater treatment in a wide range of sectors including food & beverage, pulp & paper, oil & gas, chemical and mining industries. Using both biofilm and activated sludge processes, microorganisms convert biodegradable waste materials in the biomass into carbon dioxide and water. In addition to this specific substrate degradation, special microorganisms also degrade ammonium ions to nitrate and then into pure nitrogen. This process is known as nitrification and denitrification, and efficiently removes unwanted nitrogen compounds from the treated waste water.

H+E owes much of its core technological expertise for water treatment and pre-treatment using biological processes under both aerobic and anaerobic conditions to PHILIPP MÜLLER® water treatment who started working in this field in 1896. In 1998, H+E integrated this long-established company into its core structure.

With BIOFIT®.Oxyd2, H+E introduces a new yet already proven method to reliably remove residues in wastewater from industrial production processes that are difficult or impossible to remove using conventional biological processes. [ on]

From semiconductor manufacture to the petrochemical industry, a wide variety of industrial sectors require the most efficient methods for the purification of low to moderately loaded wastewaters. The separation of solids is required, as is the elimination of carbon or nutrients. [ on]

BIOFIT®.H is a well-proven, robust moving bed process for the biological pre-treatment of highly contaminated wastewater, especially from the paper industry, if anaerobic treatment is not an option. This process is also recommended for other sources of highly polluted wastewater such as those produced in the petrochemical and food industries. [ on]

Especially in the production of food and beverages, as well as in the oil and gas industry, wastewaters contain medium to high nitrogen loads. BIOFIT®.N is a proven process for nitrogen removal from treated wastewaters. [ on]

AEROFIT®.V is one of four processes for aeration of waste water within the portfolio of HAGER + ELSÄSSER. Each process has been developed for specific areas of application, each with their own typical characteristics and requirements. For AEROFIT®.V, these are mainly for pulp and paper production, the oil and gas industry, and food and beverage production. [ on]