Anaerobic Process Technologies from H+E


Biological-Anaerobic Process Technology

H+E’s anaerobic processes are very commonly used in the food & beverage industry and pulp & paper industries. Microbiological processes that take place in the absence of oxygen provide safe conversion of harmful or interfering substances to organic acids and subsequently to simple compounds such as methane or carbon dioxide.

H+E owes much of its core technological expertise for water treatment and pre-treatment using biological processes under both aerobic and anaerobic conditions to PHILIPP MÜLLER water treatment who started working in this field in 1896. In 1998, H+E integrated this long-established company into its core structure.

Many wastewaters are rich energy resources. The proven ANAFIT®.AC process converts them back into energy in the form of biogas by using state-of-the-art EGSB reactors which achieve lasting environmental benefits in addition to high economic savings. [ on]

The manufacturing processes in the food industry often provide stringent process technology and engineering requirements for the necessary wastewater treatment plants. In many cases the only possible solutions are individually developed and use specifically matched processes. [ on]