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For over 80 years the treatment of process and waste water from a wide range of industries has been the central core of our corporate activities. The vision that drives us nowadays is to achieve holistic water management, with our ultimate future goal of effluent-free manufacturing. We see water as a raw material of global importance that is becoming increasingly scarce. The sparing use of this valuable resource from collection to re-use is the need of our time.

We dedicate our experience and expertise in the field of engineering sciences to the production of all grades of pure water up to Ultrapure standard, which will meet the highest standards in pharmaceutical and cutting-edge technology manufacturing.

To continue to meet these ambitious goals, we need young and motivated talents that will fulfill their roles with commitment and conviction; and we need experienced experts who have preserved their curiosity and passion for their profession. We want to move forward on our path together with you – and set some incredible milestones as we go!