Industrial Process Water and Wastewater Treatment for the Chemical Industry from H+E


For more than 30 years, Hager+Elsässer has been designing and building plants for the treatment of both process water and wastewater in the chemical industry. In the past, it was more usual to build centralised water treatment plants for a complete site. The pressure to save water and lowered discharge limit values have led to implementing more decentralized systems for recycling water and installations for partial flow treatment of wastewater containing easily degradable or toxic substances. To this end, HAGER+Elsässer has the complete portfolio of chemical-physical and biological methods at its disposal.

Challenges of our Customers

We are expanding our production, which means that our process and wastewater amounts will increase and their qualities will change. Therefore, we will need to adapt or expand our existing water treatment plant – if possible, without interruption of operation.

Owing to new external factors, we are required to partly or fully recycle our wastewater or reduce the mineral concentration of the effluent, respectively. Which process engineering solutions can you offer us, also including MLD/ZLD?

In the future, we will be under more stringent requirements for the discharge of wastewater, and we therefore need competent assistance and solutions for the necessary measures, such as suitable partial flow treatment.

Our existing water treatment plant needs to be modernised or replaced. Can you submit a quotation?

We need fast customer service or an inventory and analysis of our plant, including systems which did not come from you.

We have been asked to identify potential cost savings. Can we realise potentials also in water treatment?


Production of process and demineralised water

Production of boiler feed water

Condensate polishing for the steam cycle

Concepts for Minimum Liquid Discharge (MLD) and Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD)

Oil separation to remove free, dispersed oils and fats from process wastewaters

Physical-chemical wastewater treatment/precipitation

Chemical oxidation/AOP to eliminate persistent and toxic contents

Special aerobic wastewater treatment for highly contaminated wastewaters to lower inhibitors and toxicity

Aerobic treatment for wastewaters of medium to low contamination