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Individuality at its best

Our never-changing ambition is to provide our customers with solutions that precisely meet their needs from all points of view, including technical and economic. Since our company was founded, we have built more than 30,000 plants for our clients. Therefore with every new plant we build our customer will not only benefit from the result of our constant ongoing R&D work but especially from our long practical experience and expertise.
Our target: Ensure that every plant we built achieves the utmost quality needed in the most economic manner possible.

Expert Advice and Sound Judgement

We understand very clearly the importance of providing good advice as the basis for our long-term success. Our goal is to assist our customers to select the best solution for them. It is absolutely not our intention to sell our customers unnecessary or un-economic technologies and services. Based on decades of experience with similar projects, we believe it is part of our responsibility to clearly show the limits of our recommended technologies. We want to offer our customers solutions precisely tailored to their needs. Only satisfied and long-term customers will maintain, and hopefully enhance, our good reputation.

Wastewater Treatment Group - H+E Water
Wastewater Treatment - H+E Water

The vision of total recycling

“If fresh water becomes process water and then wastewater, wastewater must also become fresh water again.” Eighty years ago, long before water treatment became an important issue for industry, this idea became the central motivation of Willy Hager, founder of H+E. This is simply based on the notion that, since the amount of water in the world is finite and unchanging, ultimately all water is eventually recycled. Our experts are constantly striving to make this vision a reality on a much smaller, local, scale. The central tag under which this idea is internationally known is “ZLD” - Zero Liquid Discharge. This goal gives us orientation for all our developments within the company, but with one constant proviso: never forget that every new idea needs to be economically feasible as well.

Doing business the H+E Way

Wastewater Treatment Planning - H+E Water
Every detail influences the functionality of the whole plant: Therefore H+E pays attention to even the smallest component

Top quality components and long-standing supplier relationships

All components used by H+E in their plants first undergo rigorous quality-control wherein they must prove that they can, over the long term, stand up to even the harshest conditions. This ensures that they meet our high demands in functionality and availability over time. In recent years, on average 85 % of these components have come from technologically leading suppliers from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. H+E has maintained trustful relationships with all its major suppliers over a significant period of time, and continues to co-develop new product ideas, using our joint experience to optimize existing plants.

Exacting risk management

During every phase of a project – from preliminary offer to approval, and even in the case of warranty – our experts on all levels ensure a successful outcome. They see to it that binding deadlines and cost limits are adhered to, and minimize the process technology risks of the project. At the slightest deviation between planning and execution, we can immediately react and take appropriate measures; furthermore, we keep our customers up-to-date regarding the current state of the project, which may include such discrepancies. This kind of risk management is an essential part of the promise of competent and honest counsel we give every customer.

Wastewater Treatment Facility - H+E
Meticulous planning is the basis of any treatment plant engineered and constructed by H+E.

"In-house manufacturing" in project handling

What other companies call “in-house manufacturing,” H+E would call “in-house engineering.” Management of each project management is divided into four main steps: Basic Design, Detail Engineering, Automation and Documentation. None of these tasks are outsourced; they are all executed by in-house departments at a single location, (for example, the Engineering Centre in Stuttgart). This concept guarantees efficiency and constant compliance with the same, well-defined, standards of H+E. The finished product thus becomes a consistent complete package within which all of the pieces fit. Since all activities come together at the Engineering Centre, it is possible to react quickly to any new customer request or difficulty brought up by risk management. Owing to our centralized organization, each new piece of information quickly reaches all relevant personnel. Particular details may have to be constructed differently from how they were originally designed, so the editors in charge can immediately adjust the technical documentation. Any customer who might wish to personally meet our specialists, who naturally stand by the quality of their work, is welcome to do so; and by the way, of course, H+E also provides in-house manufacturing in the original sense of the term. For example, at the Dresden location, countless important components of our plants originate entirely on-site.

Wastewater Treatment Facilities - H+E
Waste water treatment by H+E in the semi-conductor industry
Wastewater Treatment Facilities - H+E
Assembly and commissioning is not left to third parties. This is done solely by our long-standing and higly experienced staff

Assembly and commissioning by our own employees

H+E entrusts assembly management and commissioning in all core regions of their activities exclusively to long-standing in-house employees. Given their extensive experience in the complete spectrum of H+E’s fields, these employees can, as a rule, take care of any problem on site autonomously, whether it involves physical-chemical or biological processes. On those rare occasions where they might require the input of office-based staff, contact with their colleagues is quickly and easily established. With these employees, our customers are provided with competent contacts on site that are well versed in both the technical details of the plant as well as the regional needs, and have complete authority to take decisions in all project matters. This guarantees effective problem-solving without much ado.

Assembly and commissioning is not left to third parties. This is done solely by our long-standing and highly experienced staff.

A project team with inter-cultural competence and sensitivity

Technical competence for an individual solution is only half the challenge. This is why H+E also has the necessary knowledge of local idiosyncrasies, whether these might concern questions of work permits, logistics, on-site personnel management, or dealing with local authorities to commission a plant far away from home. This often requires intercultural competence and finesse, which only years of experience can bring. We know that our plants are essential parts of the production chains of our customers and that every plant shutdown comes at a high cost. This is why we also promote speedy and reliable commissioning beyond the merely technical processes. In all our core regions – United Kingdom, Poland, Russia, and Asia – we have mastered all these aspects. When we accept orders from outside these areas we are happy to work together with the customer and support him with our experience.

Driving innovation

As a result of our long tradition of research and development, our good name is also derived from being the first to introduce innovative technologies to the market. We uphold this tradition by continuing to drive technological innovation on into the future. Our objective is to have a solution at hand before the customer even contacts us with a problem.

Wastewater Treatment Facilities - H+E
Turnkey system with hot water sanitizable PW and WFI generation (incl. storage and distribution system as well as pure steam generation) at a well-known Swiss pharmaceutical manufacturer