FLOCOMAT®.T - Floculation & Sedimentation by H+E


FLOCOMAT®.T - Floculation & Sedimentation by H+E

Multifunctional reactor concept

FLOCOMAT®.T is an optimised sedimentation process which ensures reliable solids removal and efficient sludge thickening featuring internal contact sludge recirculation, resulting in a smaller footprint and reduced chemical consumption.

Process Components FLOCOMATC®.T

Flowsheet FLOCOMAT®.T
Flowsheet FLOCOMAT®.T

Different Functional Zones

FLOCOMAT®.T can be employed as a chemicalphysical purification stage both for decarbonisation and surface water purification, and as the first purification stage to remove solids in industrial applications.

FLOCOMAT®.T has three functional zones serving various processes:

Central flocculation chamber
The central flocculation chamber is located in the center of the reactor and ensures the mixing of the recycled sludge with the incoming wastewater. Due to a consistently high sludge circulation rate, the system is practically unaffected by fluctuations in the inlet.

Settling zones
The peripheral settling zone extends over the entire cross-section of the basin. The central settling zone is located in the lower area where the deposited sludge is cleared into the sludge thickening zone by means of a special multi-blade scraper.

Sludge thickening zone
The sludge thickening zone is arranged circularly around the lower inlet cylinder of the central flocculation zone. The integrated sludge pocket scraper mobilises the thickened sludge so that the latter is for the most part conveyed back into the flocculation area via the central flocculation turbine and removed as thickened sludge to a smaller extent.


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