FLOCOPAC.L - Floculation & Sedimentation by H+E


FLOCOPAC.L - Floculation & Sedimentation by H+E

Optimum clarification results in confined space

In industrial process water and wastewater treatment it is often necessary to remove soluble substances that have poor separation properties. Although not very cost- and space effective, the process of flocculation and precipitation has been shown to work reliably for exactly this purpose.

FLOCOPAC®.L is a flocculation and precipitation reactor combining several functions that can be used for various clarifying tasks, for example in the food and beverage industry, pulp and paper production, power generation, and oil and gas generation. It is based on the principle of optimised flocculation and precipitation through contact sludge recirculation and characterised by almost ideal flocculation and a multi-zone clarification, in which specially designed honeycomb modules perform the last step of fine clarification.

Process Components FLOCOPAC®.L

Flowsheet FLOCOPAC®.L
Flowsheet FLOCOPAC®.L

In a single closed system, FLOCOPAC®.L manages the following tasks:

Coagulation: The colloids contained in the water are normally have identical electrical charges and therefore repel each other. By adding a metal salt this electrical charge is removed; the colloids then agglomerate into micro flakes.

Precipitation: The treated water is decarbonised by adding milk of lime.

Flocculation: At this stage the actual flocculation reaction takes place through sludge circulation. Long-chain hydrocarbons act as a flocculant.

Sedimentation: The mixture of water and flocs is distributed evenly across the entire area of the sedimentation tank and, from here, pass to the settling zone located below the fine sedimentation zone. Most solids, in particular the larger particles, are separated from the liquid in this part of the system.

Fine sedimentation / Clarification: The roughly clarified water then passes into the fine sedimentation zone with its honeycombed modules fixed at a 60 degree angle, in which highly efficient removal of the remaining solids takes place.

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