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The modern materials and device architectures that enable thinner circuit paths at far higher data density also set the new goals for H+E as a supplier of water treatment systems for the semiconductor industry. [ on]

German companies are known to have a leading position within in the solar industry worldwide. Both as producers, and as their suppliers of production equipment and accessories, Germany has an excellent reputation. Nonetheless the economic situation in this market has become increasingly volatile. [ on]

Water is particularly important in pharmaceutical production. It is an essential raw material for medicinal products, and an important tool for cleaning the systems used to produce these products. [ on]

The requirements in the construction of power plants to generate electricity are undergoing a fundamental change at present. The liberalization of the market for electricity has put major pressure on power plant operators. [ on]

The industrial production of food and beverages is one of the largest and fastest growing industries worldwide. In the near future there will be enormous challenges to deal with: First, the economic development of emerging countries and the growing world population is leading to an increasing demand for products. [ on]

Pulp and paper production is traditionally very energy- and water- intensive. Meanwhile, with economic development in many emerging countries  the demand is increasing for paper, cardboard and hygiene products. [ on]

A very wide range of production facilities in the chemical industry sector require clean, pure water supplies and also produce wastewater containing chemicals that would be very harmful if discharged directly to the environment. [ on]

H+E provides proven, stable processes and energy-optimized wastewater treatment plants, either as fully operational turn-key systems or as pre-assembled, skid-mounted solutions. Each of these options can be expanded in a modular manner, as necessary.
For "upstream" applications, HAGER + ELSÄSSER’s offerings are primarily aimed at companies operating extracting and producing oil and gas, as well as processing. We also assist companies wishing to extract from and recycle oil sands. [ on]

Due to the world’s growing water shortage and the resulting legal requirements for water consumption in many places, the mining industry has increasing needs to find new solutions to handle its water needs. Significant changes in water management are inevitable. For this reason, the treatment of waste water is becoming a key issue and current topic in this industry. For the treatment of waste water from the mining industry, HAGER + ELSÄSSER can draw upon a process and technology portfolio… [ on]

If you produce metallic components for the aerospace, transport or general metal finishing, the chances are that you will produce wastewater contaminated with a wide range of chemicals that needs to be purified before you are allowed to discharge it. [ on]