Industrial Wastewater Treatment for the Mining Industry from H+E


Due to the world’s growing water shortage and the resulting legal requirements for water consumption in many places, the mining industry has increasing needs to find new solutions to handle its water needs. For the treatment of wastewater from the mining industry, H+E can draw upon a process and technology portfolio acquired in many years of project experience, and develop solutions for the various problems of customers in a proven way, even in this young branch of its activity. The services offered by the Stuttgart plant engineering specialists cover the entire project process – from considerations of feasibility via the development of a precise water and chemical balance and the preliminary design right through to turnkey implementation of the plant, and then after sales service throughout the plant’s working life and beyond.

Challenges of our Customers

Our production capacity will be expanded. We therefore require an expansion of the water treatment while our production keeps running.

We have been asked to search for cost saving potential. Can we realize potential for savings in in the water treatment.

For our water treatment task, we could find no providers. Can you help us?

For our task we need a solution which is adapted to the processes and the available space on site. Can you help us on that?

The water authority has reported to an intensification of the discharge criteria for wastewater. What results are there for us?

We have high quality fluctuations in the setup of the waste water. What shall we do now?

We have relatively harsh conditions in production. Can you also build your systems especially robust?

We want to use our plants in different on-site locations. Can you build transportable systems?

We need to a solution that will comply with particularly high environmental standards. Can you help us on that?


Treatment of cooling water for machine cooling

Production of demineralised water for steam generation

Treatment of different types of water to be reused as process water

Compliance with effluent values of inflated mine water

Concepts for Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) and Minimum Liquid Discharge (MLD)

Roads washing water treatment

Seawater Desalination