Industrial Ultra-Pure Water Treatment for the Pharamceutical Industry from H+E


Water is an essential raw material for medicinal products, and an important tool for cleaning the systems used to produce these products.Whether with membrane processes, chemical and thermal procedures or intelligent sanitization concepts, H+E has been supporting its customers, who operate all over the world, for more than 80 years with both customized and standardized solutions which meet the highest international quality requirements, documentation and validation criteria. Whether package unit or turnkey system, the practical experience from more than 220 projects means a very good preparation for all developments worldwide.

Challenges of our Customers

We need a very reliable and robust built standard system for producing Purified Water (PW) and Highly Purified Water (HPW). Can you offer us this?

We would like to have only one supplier as a partner for our new water treatment systems. Can you deliver the whole generation system including complete storage and distribution?

We have our internal standard that must be adhered to also for our pure water generation systems. Can you implement the standards into your plants?

In the future we would only like to install systems that use hot water sanitization. How is your sanitization concept set up?

We place great emphasis on a competent after sales service by your customer service department. Are you able to offer us this after sales service and can we also have our plants from other manufacturer serviced by your after sales service?


Pretreatment for the PW Pure Water Generation

In the production of pharmaceutical water, raw water pre-treatment systems are employed to protect the subsequent treatment stages against problematic water components. Should they remain in the supplied raw water, a sound and reliable operation of the subsequent generation systems can no longer be guaranteed. For the pre-treatment, Hager + Elsässer uses ultrafiltration plants of the ULTRALIS series and PHARMASOFT® softeners. These are individually adapted to the existing water quality.

Generation of PW- and HPW Pure Water

The plants of the ROCEDIS series are the result of nearly 30 years of experience of Hager + Elsässer in the construction of plants for the production of pharmaceutical water, plants for the production of Purified Water (ROCEDIS.PW) and Highly Purified Water (ROCEDIS.HPW) with superb microbiological water quality. Instead of supplying standard systems in this field, Hager + Elsässer® tailors the plant specification to satisfy customer requirements, in this case as in many others, particularly with regard to the required ultrapure water quality.

Distribution and Storage of PW- and HPW Pure Water

First of all, distribution and storage systems serve to supply the produced pharmaceutical water to all points of use in the production of pharmaceuticals. However, the main goal is not only distributing but also maintaining the chemical and microbiological quality of the ultrapure water produced. The SANICIRCLE® loop system of Hager + Elsässer maintains this quality by applying an ozone/UV sanitisation in cold running – and in the SANICIRCLE®.TS via a hot water sanitisation.