Water Treatment Process Technology | Hager + Elsässer

Thermal processes such as distillation were first used by H + E in the mid-1980s especially when the company became a successful supplier to the pharmaceutical industry. Applications such as Water for Injection (WFI) have propelled this development. [...read on]

With over 40,000 plants built worldwide for a huge range of industries, H + E can rank itself as one of the most successful suppliers of chemical and physical methods of water treatment technologies. Since its inception in 1932, the company has expanded its portfolio steadily in this area and therefore expanded its business. [...read on]

H+E’s anaerobic processes are very commonly used in the food & beverage industry and pulp & paper industries. Microbiological processes that take place in the absence of oxygen provide safe conversion of harmful or interfering substances to organic acids and subsequently to simple compounds such as methane or carbon dioxide. [...read on]

H+E has established an excellent reputation with its aerobic processes for wastewater treatment in a wide range of sectors including food & beverage, pulp & paper, oil & gas, chemical and mining industries. Using both biofilm and activated sludge processes, microorganisms convert biodegradable waste materials in the biomass into carbon dioxide and water. [...read on]