Industrial Wastewater Treatment for the Pulp & Paper Industry from H+E


The pulp and paper production is traditionally a very energy- and water-intensive industry. Therefore increasingly stringent regulatory requirements and increasing operational costs ask for ecological optimisation of industrial processes. H+E has earned an extraordinary experience with projects in the pulp and paper industry projects in the past 35 years. Today more than 400.000 cubic meters of wastewater are treated via the company’s’ plants every year. The production of process water belongs to the companies’ skills as well as our proven, reliable and energy optimized wastewater treatment techniques.

Challenges of our Customers

We need a quick service or system evaluation of our treatment system. Can you support us – even if the plant was not designed and built by H+E?

In the future we have to discharge the effluent directly and need expert assistance in the realization of our own wastewater treatment plant to comply with the regulatory discharge limits. Can you help us?

We must continue to adhere to stricter discharge limits for COD, but the remaining COD is so called “hard COD”, which is not biodegradable. Do you have a specific solution for that?

Our existing water treatment plant needs to be modernized or replaced. Can you make us an offer for this?

Our biological wastewater treatment is regularly or permanently overloaded and we cannot meet the required discharge limits. Which technological solutions can you offer to us?

We are unconfident whether an anaerobic biological treatment is actually suitable for our demands. Are more cost-effective and process reliable systems available? What alternatives can you recommend?

We need a cost-effective and proven aeration system. Which aeration system can you recommend and offer?

Our production capacity is expanded and our process and wastewater amount as well as composition will change. We need to expand our existing treatment systems – if possible during ongoing production. Can you help us in this matter?


Production of process water from surface water/sea water

Production of demineralized water for steam generation

Treatment of boiler feed water

Condensate polishing for the steam cycle

Production of additional cooling tower water

Turn-key solutions for wastewater treatment with anaerobic - aerobic biological treatment

Mechanical-physical-chemical pre-treatment

Decalcification to remove calcium carbonate (lime) from strong calcareous effluents

Anaerobic wastewater treatment for highly contaminated wastewaters with biogas treatment and power-heat cogeneration

Aerobic wastewater treatment for moderately polluted wastewater

Aerobic wastewater treatment by membrane biological reactor technology (MBR)

Tertiary wastewater treatment to reduce “hard” COD

Recycling concepts for producing process water for reuse

Specific concepts for minimum liquid discharge (MLD) und zero liquid discharge (ZLD)

Concepts for treatment and disposal of excess sludge