Declaration of Principles - HAGER + ELSÄSSER

Declaration of Principles

HAGER+ELSÄSSER is a provider of specialised industrial water treatment solutions. Our specialty is turnkey construction of plants for process and ultra-pure water treatment, and water/resource recovery. This is complemented by other services for integrated water-side solutions in demanding industrial applications. Our services are provided under highly diverse geographical and infrastructural conditions.

Our company contributes to the protection of the environment, through the construction of environmentally friendly plants, and with respect for the environment.

Our company policy is defined by the management. With this policy statement, H+E GmbH management expresses its positive attitude, its commitment, and its responsibility for safety, health and environmental protection, and undertakes to consistently apply this quality management system.



We define quality as satisfying and, if possible, surpassing both the expressed and unexpressed expectations of our customers. Customer satisfaction is an important indicator of the success of the project.

Thus, we establish our customers‘ trust in our competence, in conjunction with the reliability of our products as a basis for long-standing business relationships.

All processes are transparent and clearly defined. They are continuously improved and further developed in order to achieve, and continually increase, our customers’ satisfaction. Any changes are documented and geared towards ensuring consistently high quality in all areas.


Quality in Action – Success through Teamwork:

All employees strive towards ensuring consistently high quality in the interest of our customers. In order to support our employees and management in their endeavours, training and further education are clearly defined and promoted in the company.


Good service is when the customer returns – not the product.

H+E GmbH has been implementing and constantly developing a Quality Management System acc. to ISO 9001 for many years. Observance and effectiveness of this system are regularly checked for compliance and effectiveness by internal and external audits.


Health, Safety and Environment

The care for Health, Safety and Environment is actively encouraged in the company for all executives and employees.

In addition to the objectives set out below, the essential purpose of the company is to ensure the health and safety of its employees, all cooperating third-party providers/ subcontractors, uninvolved third parties, as well as our customers in all activities of H+E GmbH.

H+E GmbH undertakes to organise and develop work processes within the company in compliance with all legal requirements of occupational safety as well as other current safety regulations.


Our most important goals are:

  • To prevent occupational accidents
  • To prevent occupational disease
  • To prevent work-related health risks
  • To prevent damage to the environment and property.

To attain these goals, we introduced the Occupational Health and Safety Management System in Agreement with the SCCP Standard. As part of our process management this is on file on the intranet, and therefore available to all our employees.

The resulting requirements for implementing our objectives are checked regularly for compliance and effectiveness by internal and external audits.