ZLD & Thermal Process Technologies from H+E


Thermal Process Technology

Thermal processes such as distillation were first used by H + E in the mid-1980s especially when the company became a successful supplier to the pharmaceutical industry. Applications such as Water for Injection (WFI) have propelled this development. Still today H+E is a successful supplier in this segment. Nowadays, evaporator technology has generated particular interest for use in concepts that completely eliminate liquid waste (Zero Liquid Discharge). In the mid-2000s, H+E successfully completed the first project of this type as part of a power plant construction project. However, thermal treatment processes continue to be very energy-intensive. Thus, the focus of in-house research today is on minimizing the necessary technology, thereby conserving valuable resources and reducing overall costs.

Under the brand name ZLD.eco2 HAGER + ELSÄSSER has developed an innovative combination of methods to completely eliminate liquid waste, also known as Zero Liquid Discharge, with their cooperation partner MFT GmbH from Cologne. [...read on]