The unique zero liquid discharge hybrid system from H+E



ZLD done right

Under the brand name ZLD.eco2 HAGER + ELSÄSSER has developed an innovative combination of methods to completely eliminate liquid waste, also known as Zero Liquid Discharge, with their cooperation partner MFT GmbH from Cologne.

The particular advantage is the reduction in both the investment and the operating costs compared to standard methods for zero liquid discharge. The main contribution to these savings are created by the high pressure reverse osmosis stage: The resulting parameters allow a size reduction of the eveporator. ZLD.eco2 is especially interesting for the oil and gas, mining and chemical industries and, beyond that, for companies and corporations that need full recycling of materials at their production sites due either to legal requirements or specific circum stances.

Process Technology ZLD.eco2

Zero Liquid Discharge Process ZLD.eco2 by HAGER + ELSÄSSER®
Zero Liquid Discharge Process ZLD.eco2 by HAGER + ELSÄSSER®

Pretreatment process:

Since all processes within the ZLD.eco2 process must be protected against precipitation, careful pre-treatment of the raw water flow is essential. H+E draws upon an extensive process portfolio and literally decades of accumulated experience of their specialists in order to adapt the exact process requirements to each specific circumstance.

Low and mid pressure process:

The prepared waste water then passes through the three steps of the ZLD.eco2 process, of which two regular lowpressure reverse osmosis steps are the first. While the resulting permeate flows into a tank for further processing, the intercepted concentrate enters the high-pressure part of the system.

High pressure process:

In the second stage the pressure is increased to about 200 bars in a special high-pressure reverse osmosis stage, resulting in further concentration of the pollutants in the remaining waste water. The extreme pressure results in a significant increase in the temperature of the liquid.

Thermal process:

This is used to advantage by the third stage of ZLD.eco2 technology. The evaporator stage takes the preheated concentrate, further concentrates it under vacuum in a ìflasher-likeî system and creates a solid product via the docked centrifuge. Optionally, a separate vacuum dryer can be connected downstream.

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